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Who is Lowstress?

Lowstress is not a die-hard, deadly serious, must win at any costs sort of clan. We're a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy playing online games together. If success comes from our efforts then that's all well and good. If not then that's fine too. As long as we enjoy ourselves along with the people we play alongside.

We play a selection of games, from Half-Life 2-based games like Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike Source and Day of Defeat to Eve Online, Pro Evolution Soccer and World of Warcraft.



  Name Last Update
minilogo The Premier League 20th February 2014
minilogo La Copa del Rey 15th December 2013
minilogo Premiere League 9th September 2013

Game Articles

Elite: Dangerous

article_main A day in the life of a space hauler

All that fuss over 18 tons of coffee

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic Finally some Star Wars

Customize your own starfighter !

Star Wars: The Old Republic

article_small Game 1.3 is released!

The force is with Bioware, if not Talarin's poor hard disk drive

Battlefield 3

article_small Open Beta closes

They're teasing us by telling us they'll be back on October 25th...

Star Wars: The Old Republic

article_small Release date announced

Late last month, Bioware and Lucasarts announced the release date for Star Wars the Old Republic. More recently, they have started the ball rolling on their bulk testing program...

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